The Bitcoin revolution is here.

The market cap today (22.1.2020), ie total market value on Bitcoin, is over $157 Billion.  That’s a lot of money invested into Bitcoin. 

But why?

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Satoshi Yakamoto, creator of Bitcoin, started work on this project in 2007. By 2010 he vanished.  It’s not known whether Satoshi was a man, a women or a group of people.  Some believe he was from Japan and others think he may actually have been from the UK because of his slang used in some email correspondence.  The reason for his disappearance? This may be a reason –

“Whoever this person is is intelligent enough to know that going against a monetary system is going to upset a LOT of some of the most powerful people in the WORLD, who rely on the monetary system not changing.

If they did have a public identity, then the idea of a decentralised currency could be attacked through that public identity.

Because there isn’t a public figure, all that’s left is the idea. And an idea is a hell of a lot harder to destroy than someone’s image.

It’s beautifully planned.”

Link to the Bitcoin White Paper.

Shortly Julie will be offering a Learning Package to help those interested get SAFELY into Cryptocurrency.  If you are interested please email Julie.

These are some of the area’s that will be covered  –

1. The History of Bitcoin
2. What is Bitcoin.
3. Bitcoin Mining and the Blockchain
4. Getting Prepared to Buy Bitcoin, safely.
5. Why Bitcoin is not just about Money.
6. Alternative Coins.
7. Terminology Explained ie HODL, FOMO.

There are  exciting times ahead!  It’s not too late to become involved as only 1% of the population thus far know anything about Cryptocurrency.  Don’t miss out – enjoy what is to come!!!

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