It’s been quite a week at the shop.  Many people have been coming in with a ‘Blue Screen of Death’ with the message “System Thread Exception Not Handled“.

bsod kb ms error message

Now, I didn’t know what was causing it, all I knew was that it seemed to affect Windows 8.1. It actually can affect 8 and 8.1. I’ve been onto manufacturers  asking what was causing it.  I now have the result.

Microsoft released an update.  This was causing all these problems.  Unfortunately, when you install anything up to 260 odd updates, even 160 or so, you then sit waiting for them to install to then be told there is a problem and the whole lot has to come off again.  Very annoying and very time consuming.

I’m reading through the instructions but it’s tricky to get to the point of making the fix, especially if you are unsure of the diagnostic options available, so, unless you’d like to attempt this yourself, please call into the shop and we will sort it out for you. If you call into the shop, during opening hours, we won’t be making a charge for this fix.  Out of hours or Sundays we will unfortunately have to make a charge.

Angels PC Clinic likes to think they stand apart from the bigger companies by offering a local and helpful shoulder when times get tough and frustrating.

Any questions, please get in touch.





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