You’ve done a search for something, downloaded it, then wondered why you’ve got pop-ups all over the place asking you to “Back Up”, “You have 23,564 problems with your computer” and the list goes on!!! And why does this happen I hear you say.

Lets’s take a closer look.

Some of you have your browser page opening up Yahoo’s home page, BT’s home page or maybe even Google, so what’s the problem?? ALOT. Read on….

Yahoo uses their own search engine, BT uses Google and of course Google uses Google but boy the results returned are all so very different.  See below.

I put the word JAVA into each one and here are the results….





So what’s the problem?

BT comes out the worst!!! If you clicked on any of those links listed, you would most certainly end up with something that you hadn’t bargained for.

But using different search engines isn’t always the problem.  You may have other things going on with your browsers ie addons, extensions, malware infection.

If you would like your browsers reset please get in touch.  A quick remote in by us is all it takes, and you can drink tea and watch whilst we clean up 🙂

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