Angels PC Clinic’s shop will be closing on Saturday 29th February 2020.

As most of you know, Angels has been in Swalecliffe for the past 10 years, 10 years in fact this April.  Over the years we have met and become friends with so many of you.  It will be sad not to have you popping in even just to say Hi.  But it’s going to be ok, we are going Mobile and Remote.

We have many customers and we shall continue to service every one of you, but on a mobile/remote basis.

So, come 29th February 2020 the doors will close, for the last time.

We hope the next business that moves into here will have great success and service the local community with their needs, whatever it may be.

If you would like further information on ways to contact us once we are officially closed, please call into the shop NOW and pickup an information leaflet which will give you so many ways to make contact with an Angel.

Home visits will not be the only way we can help you; a very popular way is for us to Remote into your computer.  This is explained further under the Remote Heading and the Services and Charges Blog section.  Pricing for Home Visits and Remote Support are all listed there too.

Well, it’s been great, but the tide has changed and we need to swim with the flow not against it.

Julie and Matty xx

This shop will be available to rent, soon after we close, so any enquiries please   contact Julie on 07546 228001.  Out of courtesy for the lovely girls next door at the Beauty Barbour, enquiries from other hairdressers/barbers will not be accepted.  Hope you understand.





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