So it’s here, the long-awaited Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft.
But what do you think?


According to a Microsoft worker, by 31st July 2015 (second day after it’s release), 67 million user’s had upgraded their systems to Windows 10.

Here at the shop, we have many many people popping in asking “should we upgrade to Windows 10?”. It’s been very difficult to give a definitive answer – everyone’s plugging different things into their pc’s, using and relying on different programs etc etc.  Up until now I have directed them off to our website to read the previous article.  Now that Windows 10 has been out for a few weeks and having seen first hand the results of upgrading from various computers I thought I would provide an update.

Firstly, if you have 8.1, we are still suggesting you move on up to 10.  Why? Windows 8.1 was a complete mess.  Microsoft were trying their hardest to make tablets, phone’s and touchscreen devices work in a unique way and in the process, leaving out the rest of us.

If you have Windows 7, hold off for a little while.  The reason I suggest this is because computers running this OS will have older hardware (those that originally had 7 installed on their systems).  If you like a challenge and can navigate your way around a PC confidentially and don’t mind downloading and upgrading drivers (software that makes hardware and software talk to each other and make them work), then for those, then go ahead. Although, many Windows 7 upgrades have gone through effortlessly.

Windows 10 in my belief is good.

So there is no more Media Player!!.  Sad for the very few that used it but with the advent of Netflix and suchlike, things have moved on.  It was always an overly complicated program for the best of us to navigate. Here is a link to show some alternatives.

Are you missing Solitaire?  Yes, it’s a good unwinding kinda game to play. Microsoft want you to pay now.  It’s been free on the older operating systems for years but now its a pay as you play kind of arrangement.  BUT, I have found an online version (browser required) and this has no adverts. Follow this link for the game.

If Spider Solitaire is your thing, here is the link.  ENJOY!!!!


The following two articles: Stability and Performance and Information for those still running XP and Vista were taken from and do explain better than I could what you might like to know.

Stability and Performance of Windows 10

Early builds of the Windows 10 Technical Preview were plagued by stability and performance issues, but as Microsoft has refined Windows 10 over the last six months we’ve come to find it a reliable and fast operating system. If that’s your primary concern, we have no qualms about recommending an immediate upgrade.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, though, as the heart of Windows 10 is much the same as with Windows 8. The majority of its new features build on what was already a stable and speedy platform.

Indeed, those who avoided the previous upgrade to Windows 8/8.1 missed out on its one key benefit over Windows 7: better performance. It boots faster, shuts down faster and outperforms its predecessor in a host of other tasks, including battery life on mobile devices.

This has been carried over into Windows 10, so in general it feels a bit nippier than Windows 7, though much the same as Windows 8.

The one area where this doesn’t hold true, or at least not consistently, is in gaming, where Windows 7 tends to have a slight advantage of 1% or so. We’re yet to compare Windows 10 in great depth in this regard, but we have little reason to suspect it’ll drop significantly.

Overall, if you’re worried that all the new features of Windows 10 will have the sort of performance-hampering effect that came with Windows Vista, worry not.

Information for those still running XP and Vista

For those still older versions of Windows, such as Windows XP or Windows Vista, the decision to upgrade is also more complicated, as of course you have to pay full price for the upgrade.

Also, if you’re running a PC that’s so old that it still has Windows XP on it, there’s a good chance you’ll get a worse experience overall, as the hardware is simply too old to cope with the overhead in Windows 10.

An old machine running Vista has a better chance of seeing improved performance upgrading to Windows 10, but again the cost factor will mean you may be better off buying a new system and getting the Windows installation included in the price.

Overall, though, Windows 10 is a success. We can’t admit to loving it, but we definitely don’t hate it either, and after Windows 8 we’d say that’s a job well done for Microsoft.
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So, we think it’s doing OK, but what do you think?

Leave a comment below with anything you think might be of interest or you think we should know, or what you like about it and don’t like.



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